Important Notice

We wish to inform our patients that OrthoDental Abbeyleix has been acquired by Truly Dental, a leading oral healthcare group with nine clinics across Ireland including Tullamore. As a result of the acquisition, OrthoDental Abbeyleix will be integrated with Truly Dental’s Tullamore practice. After Thursday 25th July, dental services will no longer be available at the surgery in Abbeyleix.

We are very grateful to the community in Abbeyleix and to all our patients for the trust placed in our team over the past 11 years. We are committed to supporting patients as we transition to Truly Dental.

Neil Condon & Team

What does this mean for patients?

On 26th July 2024, OrthoDental Abbeyleix will be integrated with Truly Dental’s Tullamore practice and the Abbeyleix practice will close.
From 29th July 2024, all appointments will take place at the following address: Truly Dental, Beck House, Kilbride Street, Tullamore. In the meantime, your treatment will continue at OrthoDental Abbeyleix.

What impact will this have if I am in an active treatment plan?

All active patient treatment plans will be completed as planned. After 26th July, your treatment will transfer to Truly Dental’s Tullamore practice.

Who is Truly Dental?

Truly Dental is a leading provider of dental care with 9 clinics across Dublin, Offaly and Westmeath. Truly dental offers a wide range of dental treatments and is committed to offering patients the latest innovations in dental treatment.

Do I have to transfer to Truly Dental?

No. Should you not wish for Truly Dental to continue your dental care, you can transfer to an alternative dental practitioner of your choice. In order to obtain your dental records please contact us at to request records or at after 26th July, 2024. We will then send your records directly to you or to your chosen dental practice.

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Do I need to re-register with the practice once ownership transfers to Truly Dental?

No, you will not need to do anything.


What happens to my data if I choose to do nothing?

If you do nothing, your patient records will transfer to Truly Dental. You have the option at any time to transfer to another dental practice, at which time your file will be forwarded to the new practice, and your patient chart will be placed in an inactive status by Truly Dental.