5 Reasons to use Invisalign

Invisalign uses

Hiding a smile due to embarrassment or bad teeth should not be something you have to worry about. A good smile means a lot to people, thankfully there are many brilliant ways to get that smile that you want. One of them being Invisalign.

Traditionally, dentists recommended braces, which consist of plastic or metal wires that worked by slowly moving our teeth in the recommended direction till we achieve that perfect smile. Good when you are a child, ok as a teenager and not that popular as an adult, new approaches had to be considered, so along came Invisalign. There are several reasons Invisalign is recommended over traditional braces and these include:

Any major treatment such as Invisalign or braces come with their unique set of difficulties and problems. Thankfully, these are all manageable with great care and expert treatment. Should you be considering any of our Orthodontic treatments call us today and we can talk through your options.