6 tips on getting through your first two weeks with braces or Invisalign

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Having braces or Invisalign treatment is a relatively smooth process. However, they do take a little getting used to and feel a bit strange, to begin with. There can also be some discomfort in the early stages but this soon passes and after the first fortnight has usually resolved. 

Eat softer foods

Beginning orthodontic treatment induces inflammation around the roots of your teeth. This means that the body responds in a way which is similar to getting a bang on the knee or having a twisted ankle – the area is swollen and tender. This is your body saying, go easy on me, I’m not working as well as normal! The Important thing to understand is that this feeling is temporary and is most noticeable during the first fortnight. 

When we say eat softer foods, this does not mean you are confined to the soup! But I would steer clear of very hard foods for the first two weeks

Avoid very hot and cold food & drink

This closely related to the first point and is due to the changes happening around the teeth at the beginning of orthodontic treatment. For the first two weeks, the teeth are more sensitive to pressure and changes in temperature. So a cold drink of water may feel colder than normal. This, again, is temporary and is not a cause for concern.

Brush gently

Toothbrushing, in general, is a balancing act of brushing all the tooth surfaces thoroughly, whilst not brushing too hard. It is even more important during orthodontic treatment to brush thoroughly, however during the first two weeks this may not feel so easy. It’s best to take your time and move the brush in a gentle, circular motion.

Pain medication

Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen (Nurofen) can be useful during the first fortnight of orthodontic treatment. Or if you cannot take ibuprofen, paracetamol is a good alternative. Many people do not take any painkillers but for others, it is helpful in the early stages. Painkillers are not required after the initial stages of orthodontic treatment. 

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Talk to us

We are here to help, whether it’s an extra appointment at our clinic or advice over the phone and email. We want our patients to enjoy a positive experience during their orthodontic treatment as well as feeling good about their new smile at the end of treatment. So at any stage during your treatment, we are available to address any unexpected issues. 

It gets easier

After around two weeks has passed, your mouth has grown accustomed to the feeling of braces and all is usually well. Any discomfort has usually faded and the initial, strange feeling of having braces on your teeth or an Invisalign aligner has passed. 

Once you are up and running it is a relatively smooth process for adults and teenagers. 

Having orthodontic treatment is a personal commitment, requiring some small sacrifices. However, it’s always worth the effort and you will be enjoying your new smile for a long time after treatment has ended.