Common Orthodontic Conditions & Treatments

Orthodontic treatment has continually grown in popularity, affordability, and availability in Ireland over the past number of years. While regular dentist visits and checks are always recommended, Orthodontic treatment is still sought after due to the aesthetic and comfort factor that many of the treatments provide.

Many orthodontic treatments require the use of braces and retainers. Here are some common problems and treatments that can be found in Ireland.

Some of the common orthodontic conditions include: 

Popular Orthodontic Treatments in Ireland 


Braces are commonly used by both teens and adults for numerous treatments. Besides improving appearances there are many other reasons why wearing braces is a good thing. 

An individual who has braces is bound to have healthy, easy to clean teeth, well-aligned, and free from issues that develop due to teeth overcrowding. 

Braces play a fundamental function in ensuring that teeth gently shift from their current position and move into new and better spots where they are all properly aligned. With advancements in technology, brackets have a new look that features less metal visibility.

These new bracket types include: 

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Orthodontic aligners play the same role as braces. While their appearance and usage may differ, they both achieve the same goal. What differentiates these two items is their convenience. 

Aligners can be easily removed, while braces cannot. Many people prefer clear/invisible aligners because they guarantee proper teeth alignment without much interference with your daily routine. The clear plastic material used to manufacture these aligners makes them almost invisible.

Aligners take the form of ‘trays,’ which are usually customized according to your dental structure. They improve your appearance by rectifying the teeth spacing and overcrowding.

Their benefits include. 


Retainers play a crucial role in ensuring your teeth achieve proper alignment. Retainers only come into play after the removal of braces, yet their importance cannot be overstated. The duration that a person uses retainers differs from one patient to another, though it is recommended to use retainers for as long as possible after treatment.

After Care Treatment

Using retainers is essential because they hold your teeth in their exact spots as supportive gums shift accordingly to accommodate the new changes. Retainers are recommended to use for someone who has previously used braces. Retainers enforce the changes already made by the braces to make them permanent. 

By consistently wearing your retainer, going for checkups, and following medical advice, you commit to proper treatment. 

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If you’re consistently experiencing low self-esteem because of your teeth abnormalities, then orthodontic treatment is for you. It is a standard procedure today and relatively affordable. Hence, there’s no reason to get stuck in the tricky situation of crooked or misaligned bites any longer. 

Many of the causes of orthodontic treatment are out of your control, but the opportunity to fix these issues is completely your call. 

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