Dental Patients in Laois can now avail of state of the art Dental Monitoring Technology

Dental Monitoring

Our lucky Laois and surrounding county patients can now avail of state of the art remote Dental Monitoring Technology for no additional fee.

Dental monitoring is an amazing innovation that enables us to monitor your Invisalign treatment remotely. Using an app on your smartphone along with a dental monitoring scan box, which we provide, patients do a weekly scan of their teeth during treatment.

This allows us to check the progress of your treatment each week and ensure your treatment is on track. Dental monitoring technology also adapts the treatment to each individual advising patients to move to the next aligner when is it most appropriate.

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Dental monitoring technology has many benefits for Invisalign patients

  1. Weekly virtual visit – we receive high-quality images of your teeth each week without you having to attend an appointment. This is a great way for us to track your treatment
  2. Fewer appointments – this means you do not need to as much take time off work, school or college to attend appointments. 
  3. Shorter treatment duration – as Dental monitoring gives tailored feedback specific to each patient depending on treatment progress, this has the added benefit of helping to keep the treatment on track

Communication – using the app, you can contact us directly allowing us to answer any questions and help to guide your treatment.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about Invisalign treatments. You can directly book an appointment that suits you using our online booking facility. We also cater for free online virtual appointments.

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