Invisalign Options In Ireland

invisalign treatment

Invisalign has grown in popularity both worldwide and in Ireland as a treatment for teeth straightening and building that perfect smile. It’s understandable why you get all the benefits of braces, without the invasiveness and limitations that braces can bring. 

Invisalign is a perfect treatment for adults and young professionals who wish for treatment while maintaining the freedom that braces can sometimes take away.

Orthodental is proud to provide Invisalign treatment as part of our line of services to the people of Abbeyleix and further afield. 

As a relatively new treatment, some remain sceptical of the merits and positive impact of orthodontic Invisalign treatment.

We are here to dispel any myths and examine the before and aftereffects of Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign comes in three simple steps, before during and after treatment. At each stage, you are sure to see your smile improve along with your confidence and belief in Invisalign as a system that improves your smile while allowing you to maintain your lifestyle and diet.

Before and After, Invisalign treatment.

Before treatment:

We have patients visit the clinic with mild to severe issues regarding their teeth, how they look and how they sit. This may be due to injury or simply how your teeth grew into place. 

Your first consultation with Orthodental will involve a discussion of your oral health and an examination of your teeth using X-rays and an iTero Invisalign scanner. This allows us to examine the best way to proceed with your aligners during treatment.

Using records and scans we work with the Invisalign clinic to create a step-by-step plan that will progressively straighten and align your teeth. This will allow them to sit comfortably, look great and clear any gaps or overlapping teeth. 

Case 2 Before and After Invisalign, Treatment

During treatment:

Invisalign can work on any issues and involves the use of clear aligners that must be worn daily. 

Patients will return to the office where we will provide you with aligners every for 4-6 weeks. These must be worn daily and at the times stated. During the night is when you will receive the most benefit but the more often, they are worn the better it is for your treatment.

Every four to six weeks we will assess your progress and supply you with a new set of aligners. Treatment will continue until your teeth are in the position that suits your mouth and face.

You will see and feel a noticeable difference over time, allowing you to smile more, enjoy food a little better and improve your oral healthcare.

Post Treatment

Following your treatment, you will be provided with a retainer to use. This will maintain your teeth position and stop any movement of your teeth.

Invisalign works in the same ways as braces by slowly and methodically moving your teeth into a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing position. Invisalign has the added benefit of being far less intrusive, though treatment may take longer.

The results will be noticeable to both you and those around you.

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