Is Covid Causing Risks To Oral Health?

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Besides being a serious health issue in itself, the Covid-19 pandemic has also caused significant difficulties in areas of health that seem unconnected. Covid has also affected the public’s oral hygiene as well as its regular impacts. This article will provide insights into the ways the virus has affected the public’s oral health and the dental industry as a whole.

Poor Oral Habits

Regular visits to your Dentist aid in developing excellent oral hygiene habits that are customized to the individual. With the assistance of these ideas and methods, you may not only take the best possible care of your dental health while at home, but you can also assist your children and other loved ones in doing so as well.

The children of parents who take them to regular dental visits are less likely to be nervous when they see the dentist and are more likely to take good care of their oral health in the years to come.

When the demands of lockdown, working from home, and home-schooling weigh heavily on our shoulders, it’s easy to let our dental health suffer. This is the point when undesirable habits begin to develop that are difficult to break.

Increased Stress Which is Harmful to Oral Health

As far as assessing the health effects of the pandemic on us are concerned, there is only one place to start: with our level of stress. Many individuals have been experiencing extreme stress as a result of the current situation.

There have been numerous heartaches suffered by families and individuals over the last year, ranging from concerns about job security to the death of a family member. When individuals are anxious, they are more likely to grind their teeth as they sleep. This may lead to cracks and chips in your teeth, as well as enamel wear and tear over time.

Mouth Feeling Dry

More individuals than ever before are experiencing dry mouth. A variety of factors may cause the occurrence of dry mouth. In terms of the pandemic, it likely happened because we’ve been wearing masks for so long!

The evidence suggests that mouth breathing will desiccate oral tissues, resulting in poor breath and an increase in the number of harmful bacteria present in the mouth.

Mouth Ulcers with Gingival Tissue Degeneration

The evidence suggests that COVID-19 damages the blood vessels in our bodies, including the blood vessels that supply the mouth with oxygen and nutrients. This may result in an increase in mouth ulcerations and gingival disintegration in the future.

Deteriorating Public Mental Health

According to research, having a poorly maintained mouth causes 2.1 million individuals to feel sad. It impacts how people behave during social encounters, leading them to talk less, conceal their smiles, or even avoid smiling entirely.

All of this is increased by using video calls during lockdowns and the habit of engaging in online meetings while looking in the mirror.

Those suffering from mental disorders are also more likely to delay dental treatment, putting them in a terrible cycle of poor oral health that leads to increased anxiety about their appearance and worse mental illness.

Gum Disease

According to some research, those who suffer from gum disease are more likely to have severe COVID-19 symptoms. This is an article from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology that discusses research that was conducted.

According to the study’s findings, gum disease is a significant risk factor for coronavirus infection, which is concerning when you consider that many as half of all people in the United States suffer from this illness. According to the HSE website, most adults in Ireland suffer from gum disease to some degree.

The Practice of Dentistry at Home

Dentists were unfortunately prohibited from treating patients, even in an emergency, during the first shutdown in March 2020. It was unclear which industries would be allowed to stay open during the first lockdown.

Twenty-five percent of all UK households attempted some kind of DIY dentistry to treat gum discomfort and tooth decay as a result, with some even attempting the home extraction process.


It’s clear that if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we have no way of knowing what the future will bring. Observing the tips below will help us to maintain good dental hygiene during this pandemic:

Finally and most importantly, always remember to stay safe.