Orthodontic treatment journey

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Are you thinking about having orthodontic treatment? 

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. For some, they dislike how the teeth look in the mirror, others mention how their teeth appear in photographs or that they try not to show their teeth in social situations. 

Happily there are a variety of treatment options available to us now which can give us a much improved smile, sometimes in a matter of months. 

To help guide you, we have outlined the process of orthodontic treatment below..

Assessment appointment

If you would like to improve your smile, the first step is to come and see us for an assessment where we will explain the treatment options. The assessment is an easy and completely painless appointment.

We will speak to you about your teeth and what changes you would like to make. We will then examine the teeth and take some records which are important in planning treatment such as photographs, digital impression and x-rays. 

Once we have this information, we can go through the treatment options with you. We will provide details on the duration of treatment along with treatment fees which will include various payment options, such as monthly payments.

Beginning treatment

After the assessment, if you feel happy to proceed with treatment we will arrange an appointment to start your orthodontic treatment. Beginning either Invisalign or fixed braces treatment is a completely painless procedure, however, the first appointment can take a bit of time. 

After beginning your treatment we will arrange a follow-up appointment around 1-2 weeks later to check in with you and see how your first week with Invisalign or braces has been. 

But don’t worry – you won’t have to attend appointments every week. At the beginning of treatment, there can be a few appointments close together but once you’ve started treatment visits are usually around every 6 weeks. 

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Orthodontic appointments

Most of the appointments are short and comfortable. For Invisalign patients, we track your progress according to your personalised Invisalign treatment plan, where we can visualise each stage of the treatment. 

For patients having treatment with fixed braces, we also check your progress and will usually change the elastics around your brackets or change the archwire itself.

As you are booking appointments 5 or 6 weeks ahead, you can choose appointment times which suit you best. 

Finishing treatment

Nearing the end of your treatment we will usually see you a little more often. When we are satisfied that the teeth are well aligned we will make an appointment to finish treatment. This is a slightly longer appointment where we remove all orthodontic appliance and adhesive from the teeth and make retainers to maintain your new smile. 

It is always a nice feeling for patients to finish orthodontic treatment and an enjoyable appointment for us too. 

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Caring for your new smile 

It is very important to wear retainers, especially during the period immediately following active orthodontic treatment. Initially, the teeth have a tendency to move back towards their original position and it takes time for them to stabilise in their new position.

As part of your treatment we will provide you with retainers as soon as you have finished treatment and explain how and when to wear them. We often use bonded retainers along with a removable clear plastic retainer which sits over the teeth and are worn at night. 

We also provide complimentary teeth whitening to patients over 18 to brighten your new smile. 

So if you have been thinking about having orthodontic treatment, give us a call to book your free assessment with us and we will be happy to go through the options with you.

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