Surgical Orthodontics: What is it?

Have you been experiencing jaw problems? Are you having trouble biting and chewing food? If so, then you might require surgical orthodontics. Most jaw problems are easily fixable provided the procedure is performed by a licensed and experienced professional. 

Sow what makes surgical orthodontics different from standard procedures? Who is suitable for such procedures? What are the benefits and the risks involved? These are some of the questions we hope to answer for you today. 

What is Surgical Orthodontics? 

In simple terms, surgical orthodontics are medical procedures performed on patients with severe jaw abnormalities that tend to affect chewing, biting, and worst of all, aesthetics. The severity of problems and treatments varies greatly.

Most issues arise during childhood and it is because of this that standard orthodontic procedures do not work. The jaw structure usually stops growing between the ages of 16 and 18, if problems occur before this period, surgery may be required. It is also due to the age factor that most procedures occur in adulthood. 

How is it done? 

Consultation with your orthodontists is the first step. Abnormalities and jaw misalignment may not be immediately visible or apparent so it’s important to consult and adhere to any testing procedures.

The length of time for treatment and recovery depends on an array of factors, ones you will have to discuss with your orthodontist. It is reasonable to factor in several weeks for total recovery from any surgical procedure.

It’s important to note that changes are not immediate and there may be a need for aftercare for several weeks. This may include repeat visits to your physician and the consumption of antibiotics.

Each procedure will be explained in detail once a decision has been made on the best approach.

Do I need Surgical Orthodontics? 

Unfortunately, this question can only be answered by your licensed oral surgeon. Your suitability for any procedure depends on several factors, which can only be physically examined by your surgeon. The causes of jaw misalignment also come into play in such situations. It may be genetic or even an injury. All these factors will determine whether the treatment will be beneficial to you. If your jaw alignment is causing self-esteem issues, especially if your smile’s quality is affected, it would be best to seek surgical orthodontics. 

Insurance Cover 

Insurance cover for surgical orthodontics will vary based on your insurance provider. Hence, it would be best if you inquired from them before undergoing the procedure. 

The Merits of Surgical Orthodontics. 

The benefits are straightforward, with the most significant among them being an improved smile that gives you confidence. On top of that, your jaw abnormalities get treated, and you chew food without any form of pain whatsoever. 

Are there any risks involved?

It is, after all, a medical procedure and has risks that come with it. However, if you have sought the services of a credible professional, you should be just fine. Be sure to sort everything out with your surgeon before the process. Remember that you are the client, and it is your body. Hence, you have the right to know all there is to know. 

Overall, orthodontic surgery is quite beneficial to patients with jaw issues. As we all know, a perfect smile is an exceptional trait that many desires and this medical procedure may be the final step in a long line of attempts.