General Dentistry

We provide a complete range of Dentistry treatments including; Examinations, Fillings, Root-Canals and Extractions.


A dental examination or checkup is an important part of preventive care. We can help identify problems at an early stage and explain the treatment required. We examine each individual tooth and assess the condition of existing fillings. We check for any signs of gum disease.

A complete dental examination also involves checking the health of the soft tissues of the mouth. X-rays are often be required as part of a comprehensive checkup.


We place white fillings only at OrthoDental. Modern white fillings are extremely durable, adaptable and look better.

We use high-quality filling materials from companies such as kerr (sonic fill) and 3M on back teeth and ivoclar empress on front teeth

All white fillings require bond or adhesive to help them stick to teeth. We use a recently developed type of bond from ivoclar which also has a desensitising effect reducing tooth sensitivity which can sometimes occur after a filling is placed


Endodontics or root canal treatment is an area which has seen major advancements in recent years. With the aid of the x-smart plus, we can provide more predictable root treatments using a method which is also far more comfortable for patients.

Root canal treatment is nothing to fear and allows to keep a tooth which would otherwise need extraction.


Sometimes there is no other option but to extract a tooth which is not reparable and may also be causing pain and infection. For almost all procedures we use articaine local anaesthetic for has been shown to take effect sooner and lasts longer.

It is the most effective dental local anaesthetic currently available in Ireland.