What is dental monitoring and will it help me during my Invisalign treatment?

At OrthoDental, we are committed to providing our patients with the most up to date technology and service. During an extensive treatment, a monitoring system can reduce the amount of visits that are required to the dental surgery in Abbeyleix. 

Dental monitoring is a remote monitoring system that tracks the progress of your current dental design positions. Using the Dental Monitoring App on your smartphone, you can take a photo of your teeth whenever it fits your schedule. These weekly uploaded photos can then be reviewed by our orthodontists. The software in the Dental Monitoring app will also monitor the data of the photo to see if the photo is clear.

Instead of sending people away and checking on them every four or six weeks, these images will provide high-quality weekly images that can be used in combination with visits to the surgery. With personalised images, OrthoDental can better tailor treatments to each individual. This personal approach and weekly images make patients more likely to finish their treatment and improve their dental health.

How does it actually work?

  1. At an in-person appointment with OrthoDental, your dentist will provide you with the Dental Monitoring device and directions on how to use the ScanBox pro and how to get started using the DM app.
  2. Next, you’ll take photos of your smile from anywhere using the Scanboxpro (at the frequency your doctor recommends) and send them in through the app.
  3. Your doctor will be able to review your photos and ensure your treatment is on track without the need for unnecessary office visits. The doctor will send communication and guidance on your treatment via the app.
  4. Over time, you can monitor the progress of your treatment with our photo time lapse technology that shows you how your teeth are moving towards your goal.

What are the perks for using dental monitoring?

Appointments at the right time

You can now communicate with OrthoDental through the app whenever you need. One of our doctors can track your progress and schedule your next appointment when it’s best for your treatment, which can help to better manage any emergencies or prevent the need to travel to your doctor’s office for unnecessary appointments.

The best care, beyond the practice

Your treatment keeps progressing as your doctor monitors your smile remotely, no matter where you are.

See your progress in real time

By using Dental Monotoring’s time lapse feature, you will see the progress you are making towards your perfect smile.

Keeping your personal information secure is a priority both for OrthoDental and Dental Monitoring. Dental Monitoring’s platform is HIPAA/GDPR compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Monitoring

What should come with my ScanBox ?

OrthoDental will provide you with one of two ScanBox pro boxes, each of which includes 2 different size Cheek Retractor Tubes for more comfortable fits:

ScanBoxpro pack S-M contains:

ScanBoxpro pack M-L contains:

What messages does my dentist send me?

Your dentist will send updates and instructions based on your Dental Monitoring scans. For example, if your oral hygiene is declining due to aligner wear, OrthoDental will let you know areas that you may need to focus when brushing. Or, if your aligner is not fitting properly, they may let you know that you need to continue wearing the current aligner longer or use your chewies.

Is the ScanBox pro dishwasher safe?

No. The ScanBoxpro should not be put in the dishwasher. 

Before and after each remote monitoring session, clean the Cheek Retractor Tube with soap and cold water. If necessary, gently brush the surface with a soft-bristle brush (like a toothbrush) to ensure it is completely clean. Rinse with cold water and air dry.

Do not use disinfectant wipes or disinfectant sprays on either the phone support or Cheek Retractor Tubes. 

Please read the included instructions booklet included in each ScanBoxpro package for more details on correct cleaning procedures. If unsure, please contact your orthodontist or dental professional.

What’s the best way to store the ScanBox pro for travel?

The ScanBoxpro, including the phone Support and Cheek Retractor Tube, should be placed in the provided mesh bag and away from any heavy items.

Avoid compressing or putting any abnormal weight on the device — pack the device in your luggage the same way you would pack a pair of sunglasses. However, the pairing window fits into the tube well to minimise space.