What is Teeth Whitening: Is it Safe and Does it Work?

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One of the most important aspects of having a great smile is having sparkling white teeth; that’s why people are willing to spend money to have brighter, whiter teeth.

Teeth discolouration is relatively common throughout a lifetime. This may sometimes be attributed to inadequate hygiene. However, this is not always the case: Teeth discolouration may be caused by various factors, including diet, illness, medicine, and even heredity.

One popular solution to this problem is teeth whitening. This article will discuss the various facts you should know about teeth whitening and how effective it is.

So, What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of bleaching your teeth to make them seem lighter. Although it will not make your teeth completely white, it will lighten the colour of your teeth by many shades.

How Effective is Teeth Whitening?

Instead of spending up to €1,000 at the dentist to have your teeth whitened, you may do it yourself at home for less than €100. Depending on the degree of the tooth stains and the amount of oral sensitivity, at-home teeth whitening products may be helpful.

There are several different types of home whitening kits available, including paint-on whiteners and strip whitening. Among the ingredients in at-home teeth whitening products are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide-containing whitening gel.

They also come with whitening trays, making the bleaching process easier by ensuring that the whitening gels are in continuous touch with your teeth during the procedure. Teeth whitening products are very efficient at removing specific types of stains and discolouration from the teeth.

How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Whitened?

Because each person’s initial tooth colour and diet are different, the results of teeth-whitening treatments may vary significantly. If you’re considering teeth whitening, it’s essential to understand that it’s not a one-and-done proposition. In an ideal world, we’d be able to whiten our teeth just once and have them remain perfectly white and healthy for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t the situation at this time. They need maintenance in the same way that the rest of the body does! So, how frequently should you get your teeth whitened?

Some people may only need teeth whitening treatment once every few months, while others will require them every few weeks to keep their pearly white smiles intact. For in-office bleaching, it is suggested that you have one treatment per year at the most. Home bleach treatments may be used regularly, but they should not be utilized for more than two weeks in a row.

What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

1. Teeth whitening is entirely harmless to your teeth.

Abuse of any sort, much like vigorous cleaning your teeth, may be harmful to your health. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening is very safe when performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Active chemicals are used in the whitening procedure to temporarily open pores in your teeth and remove stains, which is temporary. Following each whitening treatment, your teeth will naturally remineralize and rehydrate as a result of the process.

2. Everyone’s teeth are not going to be white

The natural colour of a person’s teeth is set from birth, regardless of stains. All that a whitening solution can do is remove all of the stains that have been accumulated over time.

3. Just before going to bed is the ideal time to whiten your teeth

Right after whitening, your teeth are more prone to discolouration from other substances. The pores on your teeth are somewhat more open than usual, making it easier for stains to enter. It is recommended that you whiten your teeth before bed since it minimizes the chance of discolouration and allows your teeth to begin rehydrating and remineralizing while you are sleeping.

4. The whitening of your teeth takes time

Depending on whatever option you select, treatment will typically take three to four weeks to complete. But, as the saying goes, the most significant things always come to those who are willing to be patient.


When it comes to teeth whitening, be sure to choose the most appropriate technique for your requirements and always follow the product’s instructions exactly as directed. You should contact your local dentist and ask for their expert opinion. Here at Orthodental, we like to help our patients keep good oral health. Talk to our team today about scheduling a visit with our Dental Hygienist.